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Are you: Knowledgeable of databases and content management Highly detail oriented Able to organize multiple data sources and formats If SO.. We have a great opportunity with an exciting future This position will develop and maintain a product content database containing product attributes, pricing, cross referencing of comparable product, related technical bulletins, and using industry standards to identify applications. The data compiled will be used to create electronic and... read more »


To help you figure out exactly what parts you need to build that perfect machine, United Engine and Machine has put together the following group of calculators and converters. While using these calculators in your planning, please remember the following: While these calculators will calculate out to six (6) decimal places, they will round to three (3) decimal places when they are displayed, and any figures you enter will also be rounded to three (3)... read more »
  • Compression Ratio Calculator

    Static and Dynamic compression ratio. (considers cam timing and rod ratio)
    This calculator will give you the proper compression ratio with a known piston head volume. It will also estimate a dynamic effective compression ratio taking into account the cam timing and rod ratio.

  • Effective Compression Ratio Calculator

    (considers cam timing and rod ratio)
    This calculator will give you a dynamic compression ratio taking into account cam timing and rod ratio.

  • Piston Calculator

    This calculator will give you the proper piston head volume with a known compression ratio.

  • Measurement Converter

    Convert inches to millimeters or millimeters to inches.

  • Ring End Gap Calculator

    Using this calculator, you can obtain the proper ring end gap requirements for KB Pistons using end gap factors from inside the front cover of the KB catalog or on this website in the tech article titled "Special Clearance Requirements for the KB Piston."

  • Piston Compression Height Calculator

    Use this calculator to get the approximate piston compression height.

  • Deck Clearance Calculator

    This calculator will compute the deck clearance for above or below deck applications.

  • Engine Displacement Calculator

    Find the engine displacement based on stroke and cylinder measurements.


To provide our customers with handy reference guides, United Engine & Machine offers downloadable copies of our product catalogs. Click on any brand you are interested in.

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Installation Instructions

United Engine & Machine is always looking to give our customers a helping hand whenever they need. To that end, we've provided a full set of installation instructions for our products. Simply look up the brand you are installing and download it's installation instructions from the list below.

KB Automotive Brand

KB Automotive Product

KB V-Twin Motorcycle Brand

KB V-Twin Product

Silvolite Brand

Silvolite Product

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