UEM now offers piston coatings to help reduce problem areas associated with combustion and wear.

Line2Line Adaptive Skirt Technology

  • Abradable skirt coating.
  • Applied at the total skirt clearance for an initial ZERO fit.
  • Hones in to maintain proper oil wedge for a perfect fit to cylinder greatly reducing piston rock.
  • Improved ring seal.
  • Shock loads and degradation in piston/rod/bearing assembly reduced.
  • Click on link for the Stribeck Curve that explains the "proper oil wedge".

UltraTherm CM

  • Heat reflective coating applied to piston crown.
  • Lowers piston crown operating temperature.
  • Reduces oil temperature.
  • Applied at .0015” thick.
  • Aids in increasing piston service life by reducing heat transfer to piston.

UltraWear M42

  • Piston skirt dry film lubricant.
  • Decrease engine noise and helps protect against dry start ups.
  • Applied to .0005” per side.


  • Limits micro welding of ring to groove in severe conditions.
  • Produces a very hard surface for ring to rotate on.
  • Piston Crown
  • Creates barrier from corrosive fuels.

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